Gardner, one of the largest Parts Distributors for the Lawn and Garden industry, is growing to better serve our current customers while continuing to develop new opportunities in new territories.

Gardner currently has distribution centers in Columbus, Ohio; Franklin, Massachusetts; and Jacksonville, Florida. With the addition of our newest 200,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center to our existing 300,000 square feet nationwide, Gardner can efficiently serve all 50 U.S. States.about-video

Our foundation rests on the strength of all our services including: Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, EDI & Data Processing, Physical Distribution and Education.

We measure our success with high fill rates and on-time deliveries. Our goal is to always provide your business with a quality of service that is both quick and complete and at the lowest possible cost.

Our new up-to-the-minute distribution facility, located in Columbus, Ohio is strategically located next to major interstate highways to facilitate our shipping and receiving needs. The facility utilizes a wide variety of material handling equipment including man-a-board pickers and rider pallet trucks to efficiently manage multiple truckloads of product on a daily basis.

Orders, whether received by phone, fax or electronically, are processed through our state-of-the-art EDI & Data Processing software which quickly converts the information into real time orders. They are then launched using RF technology, allowing them to be closely tracked throughout the entire distribution facility. Orders that are picked directly into a box ("pick-to-shipper") for shipping are routed directly to the manifesting lane and audited for quality assurance. Utilizing an advanced computerized random location system with simultaneous picking from multiple zones, travel time is minimized and speed and productivity is increased. Using multiple packing lanes for optimum efficiency, orders are individually checked for accuracy before they are packed and sent to manifesting and shipping.

This specialized system allows over 5 million line items to be processed annually. Our state-of-the-art shipping system automatically routes over 15,000 parcels per day and prints a UCC128 conformance shipping label with the applicable carrier's bar code to complete the distribution process.